We are Proud of our Heritage & History

Bent Blackstone & Associates began their journey of becoming one of the best legal recruitment & search firms in Australia through a visionary team of experts. Empowered by the late South Wales deputy judge advocate in the 1810s, Ellis Bent and former jurist in the eighteenth century, William Blackstone. The two inspirations for the company name and ideas of a competent progressive court in action.

Our team will manifest this mindset by helping our clients put their business on the frontlines. By finding the right person who can assist all your legal concerns. A lineup of experienced recruiters who can assure and select the finest solicitors, lawyers, barristers and legal executives across Australia. 

Bringing out excellent recruitment and expert management through the passion of talented workers. With this, we take part in the growing business industries today.


Melbourne Office
Level 24, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000
Phone: 03 9020 1499

Perth Office
Level 25, 108 St Georges Terrace
Perth, WA 6000
Phone: 08 9468 2566

Sydney office

Level 16, 9 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 02 9051 2477

Adelaide Office
Level 3, 97 Pirie Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: 08 8166 7599

Brisbane Office
Level 54, 111 Eagle Street
Brisbane, Queensland
Phone: 07 3056 0288

Inspired by the late Ellis Bent, who was the former Deputy Judge Advocate between the 1810s and 1815s of the Australian colony in New South Wales. Which became an Australian state and William Blackstone for writing the Commentaries of the Laws of England

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Level 24, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000
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